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Our Native, Immigrant and Pioneer Families


John Adam
born March, 2002

Eric's and Mary's

Taylor Marieko
born August, 2002

John's and Mailelani's

Mac Scott
born September, 2002

Eric's and Heather's

Jeanne Claire
born March, 2000

Richard's and Sara's

Pearl O'Neill
born October, 2002

Richard's and Sara's

Ella Breck
born June, 2004

Richard's and Sara's
James Robert
born April, 2002

Michael's and Jennifer's
Since losing my first grandparent, about 45 years ago, I have been collecting our family history. I so greatly felt the loss of the history with that passing that I wanted to preserve and share what I could. My starting place was with letters to Grandfather George from his mother, Ammi Ann, discussing her lineage; the wonderful stories he told; and Grandmother Blanche's little date book that she religiously kept current for about 80 years. So many relatives have helped me along the way, that this site is truly indebted to them. I thank Cousins Velma, Heide, and Gene for their selfless sharing and encouragement. This site is inspired by and dedicated to my beautiful grandchildren, Claire, Campbell, Pearl and now Breck.
Campbell Edwin
born May, 2001

Ken's and Lorraine's

FAMILY TREE INDEX   Updated 28 September 2008

Surname Index. Click on camera icons to see photos. Check out Elizabeth Martin's photo page for cool audio by Blanche Lauterbach.

ANTHOLOGY   Updated 28 September 2008

Follow individuals and historic events through time.

CENSUS INDEX   Updated 28 May 2009

Many of the Census Records and Forms used.

DNA PROJECT   Updated 24 January 2010

Hathcoat/Hathcock/Heathcock Surname Y-DNA Study Project

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS   Updated  20 August 2011

Who's included? Make additions? Privacy concern?

PAUL'S AVM SAGA   Updated  9 November 2006

A fun adventure with modern brain surgery.


Michael Miller offers us a philosophy that makes sense to me.


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With your help, I am hoping that this site grows and becomes a sharing place for our broad family's photographs, stories, history, and accomplishments. Please don't be shy. E-mail or send me photos and info, old or current, and I will add it in. It's your family too! Maybe the internet can replace part of the closeness we shared around the old oak kitchen tables.

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