This is the best numeric puzzle ever.  I'm told it's an old Mensa puzzle.   If you know its author, please send me a note.
If you manage to solve the Puzzle, then you will be able to answer the question, in what year was the Puzzle devised?
If you can answer that question and tell me Farmer Dunk's age, send me a note and I will add your name to the list.
I found one solution posted on the Internet, but it was wrong. Don't waste your time with it.
(I got the puzzle from Dr. Skip Knox at Boise State Univ.)

1   2 3     4
    5     6  
  8   9      
10     11   12 13
15     16      

 1. Area of Dogsmead in square yards.
 5. Age of Farmer Dunk's daughter, Martha.
 6. Difference between length and breadth (in yards) of Dogsmead.
 7. Number of Roods in Dogsmead times 9 down.
 8. Date (year) when Little Piggley came into occupation of the Dunks.
10. Farmer Dunk's age.
11. Year of birth of Mary, Farmer Dunk's youngest.
14. Perimeter in yards of Dogsmead.
15. Cube of Dunk's walking speed in miles per hour.
16. 15 across minus 9 down.
 1. Value of Dogsmead in shillings per acre.
 2. Square of Mrs. Grooby's age.
 3. Mary's age.
 4. Value of Dogsmead in English pounds.
 6. Age of Dunk's first-born, Ed, who will be twice as old as Mary next year.
 7. Square of the number of yards which is the breadth of Dogsmead.
 8. Minutes Farmer Dunk takes to walk 1 and 1/3 times around Dogsmead.
 9. See 10 down.
10. 10 across times 9 down.
12. Sum of digits in second column plus one.
13. Length of tenure in years of Little Piggley by the Dunks.
 The Puzzle was invented when there were twenty shillings to the English pound.
 One of the across numbers is the same as one of the down numbers.
 One number in the puzzle (relating to something quite different) happens to be
 the area in Roods of the rectangular field known as Dogsmead.


Friends of Farmer Dunk!
Peter Renton in January 2012.
Joe Costello in May 2009.
Christopher Ross in July 2008. (Even sent his calcs. His father is Jim, below).
Andy Gleeson in March 2008.
Alan Tan in January 2008.
David Eaton in January 2008.
Warwick Conway in January 2008.
Allen Hopkins, Jr. in August 2007 tells us he has a 10 year old copy of his solution.
Brian Allen in June 2007.
James Bullen in March 2007.
Jim Ross in March 2007. (Sent his answers from his 1990s solution).
Steve Hanna in December 2006.
Nick Holden in December 2006.
Andy Hornby in October 2006.
P. Maganti in March 2006.
Jim Knouff in November 2005.
Michael Hyams in April 2005.
Kevin Reynolds in March 2005.
Iain Milmine in March 2005.
Geoffrey Marchant in March 2005.
Jonny "Peg" White in February 2005.
Dave Roberts in February 2005.
James Flynn in January 2005.
Kedar Kanitkar in January 2005.
Jane Morgan in December 2004. Good on ya Jane.
Wesley Marshall in January 2004.
Stan Stanart in June 2003.
John Douglas Porter in May 2003.
Bart de Boer in March 2003.
Justin Allom in March 2003.
Brett Wallis in February 2003. Good on ya Brett.
Brian Johnson in November 2002.
John Scollard in September 2002. (Sent a scan of his 1965 solution).
Karl Ellzey in August 2002.
Art Hunter in July 2002. (Anyone recognize Art's name? Does the "Canada Arm" ring a bell)?
Fred Ennis in July 2002.
Dave Dickerson in May 2002.
Ron Curtis in March 2002.
Myself in February 2002.

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