Maj. George Augustine Washington

Name Maj. George Augustine Washington, 2C7R
Death 5 Feb 1793
Death Memo tuberculosis
Residence Mount Vernon, Fairfax County, Virginia
Father Charles Washington (1738-1799)
Mother Mildred Thornton
Almost to the day in 1786 that he completed piecing together the plantation of more than 7,000 acres at Mount Vernon, the work of more than thirty years, Washington began arranging for its future breakup. In October of that year his nephew Maj. George Augustine Washington, who was acting as Washington's estate manager and living at Mount Vernon, married Martha Washington's niece Frances Bassett of Eltham, who also was living at Mount Vernon. In October 1786 Washington wrote his nephew that he intended "to give you at my death, my landed property in the neck, containing by estimation between two & three thousand acres." The tract on Clifton's Neck was that portion of the Mount Vernon plantation that lay to the east of Little Hunting Creek on the Potomac River, 1,806 acres of which he had bought from William Clifton in 1760 and 238 acres from George Brent in the same year. Washington developed on this property what he called River Farm, one of the five farms that he organized and operated at Mount Vernon. At Washington's urging George Augustine Washington took over a 360-acre section of this land on Clifton's Neck at the north east corner of River farm and established a farm there with the slaves given to him by his father-in-law, Burwell Bassett. When George Augustine died in 1793, his widow retained control of the farm, called Walnut Tree Farm, and at Fanny Washington's marriage to Tobias Lear in 1795 control of the farm passed to Lear, where it remained after Fanny's death n March 1796. Lear moved to Walnut Tree Farm with his own young son and with the children of George Augustine and Fanny Washington, Anna Maria and the two heirs of Clifton's Neck, George Fayette and Charles Augustine Washington. In 1797 Washington expressed a willingness to lease the whole of River Farm to Lear in 1798, but this was not done, possibly because Lear became occupied with the duties of military secretary for Washington. See Washington to George Augustine Washington, 25 Oct. 1786 (Papers, Confederation Series, 4:307-10), Diaries, 1:240, Tobias Lear to GW, 8, GW to Lear (second letter), 11 Sept. 1797 (Papers, Retirement Series, 1:339-41, 345-47).
1 Frances (Fanny) Bassett
Death Mar 1796
Death Memo probably from tuberculosis
Residence Mount Vernon, Fairfax County, Virginia
Called Fanny
Father Burwell Bassett
Mother Anna Maria Dandridge
Marriage 15 Oct 1785
Misc. Notes
The amorous couple, who were already living at Mount Vernon at the time of their engagement, were married there on 15 October 1785. (Diaries, vol. 4, p. 206). Later in December of that same year George Augustine Washington became the manager of Mt. Vernon, a position he held until shortly before his death on 5 February 1793.
Children George Fayette
  Charles Augustine
  Anna Maria

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